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A Special Switch Controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Is It Worth It?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling Nintendo game of all time. Given Nintendo’s amazing catalog of games, this is a pretty remarkable feat. Not only do you have a huge roster of characters to choose from, but you also have more ways to play the game than you may be aware of. Rolling Game Station is here to help sort it all out!

The game supports up to 8 players at once (see previous post explaining how to make this happen) and while you can obviously use the stock Joy-Cons, there are a number of third party controllers you can buy that claim to bring you the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Experience. But are they worth it? Here, we’ll break down a few of the available options. Click the controller names for a direct link to purchase.

Nintendo Joy-Cons
If you own a Switch, you own a pair of Joy-Cons. For SSMBU, you can play with either an individual Joy-Con or by combining the L and R Joy-Cons together with the grip. While the individual Joy-Con works in a pinch, the controller is simply way too small (and doesn’t have enough buttons!) to pull off the moves required for the game. As a set, the Joy-Cons work great even if some of the buttons feel a little soft for such an intense game.

Nintendo Pro Controller
The most expensive individual controller available for the Switch at $70, it’s also the best all-around controller available for virtually any game. If you like playing fighting games on the Xbox One or the PS4, the Pro Controller brings you closer to that experience. The buttons are super responsive and easy to push. For those with larger hands, this is the best Switch controller available.

Nintendo Pro Controller. The best all-around controller available.

Power-A Wireless Controller
Until now, the most popular version of Super Smash Bros appeared on the Nintendo GameCube many, many years ago. The unconventional controller featured an over-sized “A” button and small “C-Stick” that allowed for more advanced movement. For many, SSB never played better than it did with a GameCube controller in-hand. Power-A, a company known for making high-quality third party Nintendo accessories, painstakingly re-created the GameCube controller in both wired ($24.99) and wireless ($49.99) versions. The controller runs for a long time on two AA batteries. Note, that while the controller does have motion support, there’s no rumble and you can’t use Amiibos with it.

Modeled after the GameCube Controller, relive the glory days!

Hori Nintendo Battle Pad
I’ll keep this short: these look like the controller made by Power-A, but they’re worthless. It’s not comfortable to hold, the buttons are small and the directional pad isn’t very responsive. Avoid at all costs.

I’m guessing Hori is short for horrible. Avoid.

There are more options out there, but we hope this shines a little light on the different ways to play this awesome game. As for the Rolling Game Station household, we prefer the Power-A Wireless Controllers. We own three of them and haven’t put them down since the holidays. You’ll also find them on our game truck! Happy fighting!

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