We are the one and only Rolling Game Station, Mobile Video Game Theater and the 1st independently owned and operated Video Game Truck based in Pottstown, Pa since 2010.  There are several newer companies popping up around the area trying to be like us,  look at their websites, does the wording look familiar? Does the layout look familiar? We were the 1st to set up our business like this and now everyone wants to copy us.  So, If we are not the best, would anyone want to copy us? Not likely!!  Be careful with Johnny come lately businesses that try to mimic us, book with the #best #videogameparty ever, ROLLING GAME STATION.

We are not a franchise, so any money you spend with us stays right here in our community and not sent off to a corporation in another state.
Rolling Game Station Video Game PartyVideo games have always been a passion and we are happy to bring you this awesome party concept to your door-step and to share our love of gaming with you and your guests.
We had our 1st party in November 2010 and have partied with over 30,000 Gamers since. This gives us a lot of experience with video game parties and events just like yours. We have done everything from birthday parties to local community events to day camps to “FUNdraisers.” If you have an event that you want your guests to enjoy and have fun at, ROLLING GAME STATION is what you are looking for!
Rolling Game Station Video Game PartyThe Rolling Game Station’s video game truck was purchased in 2010 and we have learned a great deal over the time we have been in business.
The best way to contact us here at Rolling Game Station is via email. Since Roger, our Booking and Marketing expert, still works full time as a police officer, shift work and a constantly changing schedule make contact by phone tough at times. Shawn, our new business manager is also a college student and works the phones between classes.  Booking requests, emails and our contact forms are normally responded to within 48 hours. Please keep an eye on your email and spam folders for information and reply’s to your questions and booking requests. We do understand that you may still want to talk to us and we will call you to ease any anxiety you may have in planning your video game party.


Roger Meinhart, the owner, is originally from West Chester Pa, a veteran of the US Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist during his 4 years in the service. He was stationed primarily in Japan for a 3.5 year tour of duty. He is and has been a police officer in Chester County since 1996. Roger is our Booking and Marketing expert and keeps the bookings Rolling. He is the father of 6 children (5 girls and one boy) giving him a great deal of experience with children’s birthday parties and events the kids will enjoy. Roger has recently turned over the management on the business to his son Shawn but if you speak with him on the phone, he will get your booking set up and make recommendations about your party length and set up to help you have a better more relaxed party! Don’t be surprised if he tells you to have a shorter/cheaper party.  It’s about what is best for you not for the business!

Shawn is our manager and you may have spoken with him on the phone. He is a current college student with MCCC. He has a lot of experience with kids and enjoys video games. He is an active volunteer fireman and enjoys working out in the gym as much as he enjoys gaming! Shawn is amazing with customer service and knows how to have a lot of FUN! 

Reece is a master gamer that loves to play! Lots of energy and loves getting involved in the games with the kids! Reece will make your Video Game Party the Best Party Ever!

Scott is our newest employee with amazing customer service skills and brings with him a desire to see everyone have FUN! He is also currently a student at MCCC. 

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