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Birthday Parties with Rolling Game Station are FUN and SAFE!



birthday parties should be fun and safe

At Rolling Game Station we take pride in bringing you FUN and SAFE birthday parties!

We bring the birthday parties to you!  No need to arrange to have all the kids dropped off at some strange place and then have to worry about keeping track of everyone. We bring the party to you and keep everything contained so everyone can stay safe in one area.

Have you ever considered that having your birthday parties at strange locations means there are strange people there too?  We vet our employees and make sure that they have been cleared through the Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare Portal and through criminal background checks. The only people that should be mingling amongst your precious children are people you know and can trust.  At Rolling Game Station we will not send employees out to your home that we would not trust with our own children!  We also think you need to keep birthday parties close to home and you can’t get much closer than the end of your driveway!

When Rolling Game Station comes to your location, the kids stay contained in one area where you can keep an eye on everyone all the time.  There are no little nooks, or rooms to lose them in, they all stay right in our 32’ video game theater where you can see from one end to the other.

Did you know our trailer was designed to pull up to your house so that the front door is on the passenger side and away from traffic? Our trailer is designed to keep guests safe at birthday parties and events. Having the door at the front “V” of the trailer helps prevent anyone from accidentally walking into the street or wandering off.   birthday parties should be fun and safe

Want to see some pictures of other birthday parties? Check out our Facebook page at

Looking to have a Minecraft Party? Rolling Game Station will help you with that!


Rolling Game Station has several copies of the amazing game to push your Minecraft Party to the next level!

I can’t say that I personally enjoy playing it but, my kids love it and kids all over the country are just like them! They can’t get enough of the game and they want their birthday to be a Minecraft Party. They watch videos on You Tube to learn more tricks then click pause on the video to give it a try! Do your kids do that? I bet they do!

When kids come in the video game theater for their Minecraft Party with their friends, it’s a whole new ball game for them. They have talked about their builds in school or on the playground but, sometimes, you just have to see it, ya know! They love teaching each other new ways to make things and I have seen kids sit and teach other kids how to play the entire party.

There are all kinds of ways to make a Minecraft party a blast, a Minecraft birthday party cake (check out our Sweet Links HERE), Minecraft party supplies and costumes but, the very best way is to have all the kids playing Minecraft together in Rolling Game Station’s  Video Game Truck .

minecraft party
Check out our Sweet Links page to find places to make cakes like this!

Want to try it on your own without Rolling Game Station for 20 guests? We strongly suggest you not try it but, if you want to do it anyway:
You will need to rent, borrow or buy at least 4 big screen TVs, 4 Xbox consoles, 4 copies of the game and don’t forget the controllers, you will need 20 of them! Then make sure you get them all connected right and find a place to mount them high enough and out of reach of the kids so they don’t break anything jumping around and poking their fingers into the TV screen. And when the parties over, guess what? Yep, you have to disassemble all the systems and TVs and haul them back to wherever you got them. If you are like the average person, you have 1 TV, 1 console and 2 controllers so all the rest have to come from someplace.  Plan on at least 2-3 hours of set up time before the party to get your self made party ready.

Minecraft party shoppers
They must be trying to have a Minecraft party WITHOUT Rolling Game Station- Doesn’t look like fun!

That’s a heck of a lot of work when you could just have Rolling Game Station bring it all and leave with it after your Minecraft party is over!

So what are you waiting for?
Get that Minecraft Party Rolling Today and book a video game party with us!

If you try it on your own, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Want An Easy Birthday Party?


Do you want an Easy Birthday Party this year for your son or daughter??

When was the last time you had an easy birthday party for your son or daughter? Can’t remember can you? That must be because you have never had Rolling Game Station come to your place for a party.
Once your party is secured, you can sit back and relax and wait for Rolling Game Station to pull up and entertain your guests.  We have Game Coaches on board to make sure your East Birthday Party stays simple and they let you sit back, relax and watch the party go on with out stressing.  Schedule us to get there at the start of the party and the kids come straight into the trailer and play video games to their hearts content. Still want to have cake and ice cream? Open the garage door and set up a table to two and keep the kids out of the house altogether.

Rolling Game Station is an Easy Birthday Party
You don’t need an easy button to have an easy birthday party, just book with Rolling Game Station and your done!

What do you have to do during Rolling Game Station’s Easy Birthday Party?

After you book and secure the party the stress is over! Rolling Game Station shows up, brings the crowd into the trailer and you sit back, relax, hang out with other parents and talk about something fun for you! Or, come in and join the kids and have fun with them! Kids love to see their parents gaming with them, show them you still got game! Having a 2 hour party? That’s enough time to, greet the guests and their parents, point them toward the Rolling Game Station then sit back and catch up on your favorite show that you recorded and still haven’t found time to watch! After the show, come back out and greet the parents picking up the kids and tell them how hard you worked to make this party happen!!! They will never know how east it was until they book Rolling Game Station! 😀

How Easy was the Birthday Party? Here are 3 reviews from the last few months that specifically said how easy it was!

“The guys in the truck were great (Reece and Sean- I think that’s how you spell them). The boys had a great time and the guys were so good with them. Second time we’ve used you guys and both were great. So easy and the kids loved it. THANKS!”

“My son’s 11th birthday party was a hit with Rolling Game Station! The kids didn’t come out of the truck for 2 hours :). Easiest birthday party to date!! Will definitely recommend and use them again. Thank you. “

“This was, hands down, the best and easiest party we have ever had for our son! Many thanks!!!”

Want to see some pictures from our parties? Check them out on our Facebook Page at



Why is Rolling Game Station the Best Kids Birthday Party Place in Pa?


Rolling Game Station brings the Ultimate in Birthday Party Fun to your location with our limo styled gaming truck!

Tired of the same old bounce party or bowling party? Looking for a new birthday party place for the kids? 

bored kids at party because mom forgot to book rolling game station
Don’t let this be your party

 Yeah we thought so too and decided to bring the games to you with our awesome birthday party idea!  We keep the kids out of the house and in our game truck to keep everyone entertained, rain or shine! From 7 to 70 everyone can play with Rolling Game Station!

Worried about all the little germs the little guys bring into the game truck and leave behind?

no-germs picture

 We thought about that too! After every video game party we take the time to wipe each and every controller that was used or touched with Clorox wipes!  We also wipe down and clean the seats to get the greasy pizza prints off the seats and any germs that were left behind there! If you want to sanitize before and after your party, we also have hand sanitizer available at all times!
  Believe us; we want to be able to play in a clean environment too!

Worried about who the game coaches are that will be at your video game party?  

keep kids safe in a heart

No need to worry!!  If I wouldn’t trust someone with my little girls, I would never trust them with yours so, all of us at Rolling Game Station have our Child Abuse Clearances and back ground checks done to make sure only the best come to your video game party!

Don’t have enough room at your house for a video game party?

tables inside dairy queen
not an actual picture of our host location but, you get the idea! 😉

No need to worry, Rolling Game Station has several Hosted Party locations where you can have your fun birthday party! Check out our Hosted Party Page.  If you know a business that would be a good combination for Rolling Game Station tell them about us and we can help bring new customers to them! We LOVE to partner with other local businesses to help you, The Customer, have the Ultimate Birthday Party!  

Are you in need of a birthday cake or sweet treats for your birthday party?

download (1)

We can help there too! Rolling Game Station has a Sweet Places page that highlights some great bakeries around the area that would love to help make your video game party “the Best Party Ever!”. Boys or girls birthday parties are always better with a themed birthday cake! 

Is a Video Game Party with Rolling Game Station expensive?

super mario bros coin block head

 We don’t think so; we believe we are right in line with any other birthday party place you might go to!  A bowling alley might promise you a great price at $14-$16 per guest but when you look at it, you and everyone else have to take your party to them, they only provide 1 hour of their 2 hour party having any fun and the guests have to take turns one or two at a time. The other 1 hour of party time is sitting in a bland room with tables waiting for the party to end and mom to pick them up or using up their 20 coins in the video game machines that cost 2-4 tokens a game. Do you really think 20 tokens will last 30-45 minutes? 
Rolling Game Station charges $325 for a 2 hour party and you can have up to 20 guests playing at the same time! We bring the games to you and they play for the entire 2 hours without having to come ask for more tokens!  

Do you live outside of Rolling Game Stations area?

no service
Rolling Game Station only serves Suburban Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

We have got you covered there too! We have come up with a list of the Best Game Trucks for you to have your video game party in other areas of the country! Yup, we have a page dedicated to our video game truck friends from California to New York and New England!  Check out the page and refer one of your friends in another state to one of our friends!  Don’t see a place on the list? Send us an email and we will see if we can help you find an Awesome Video Game Truck that serves the area you or your friends are in!

SCAM ALERT From Rolling Game Station!



Rolling Game Station is aware of numerous websites that offer Video Game Parties in the Philadelphia area and beyond that are not on the up and up with their practices.  These scammers normally use websites with city names in them and do not own or run any video game trucks of their own. They will take your booking and your money (for much more than you would pay Rolling Game Station), then try to find someone to cover your party. When they cannot find someone to cover your party, they will not call you, you just won’t have anyone show up and they will blame someone else for backing out when you call.  You will have to fight them to get your money back and they will try to say it’s this or that companies fault. These companies have targeted several types of businesses in the past including skydiving and other thrill sports.

What can you do? 
DON’T BOOK a party with a 3rd party. Always ask if the company runs their own trucks and if there are any other locations you can see their equipment (Facebook is a great way to find out if a biz is legit as, you will be able to see feedback from other customers).
ASK QUESTIONS about the businesses location and even who the owner is. If they can’t tell you, don’t book with them! If you google my name you will find a lot of local references linking Rolling Game Station to your community!!)
If you did book with a 3rd party and are having trouble getting your money back, send me an email and we can put you in touch with some agencies that may be able to help you.

Sweet Treats for Your Party


Have you  order a cake for your son or daughters party yet?

Check out our Sweet Links for Bakeries and Sweet places to get your Video Game Party  themed cake!  They make cakes for boy’s birthdays as well as girls birthday parties. A themed cake will top off an already Awesome Video Game Party that no one will forget.

If you or someone you know wants to be listed on our website, please send us an email to! download (1)

The Ultimate Birthday Party Idea!


Are you looking for a new birthday party idea for your kids birthday party? Look no further then Rolling Game Station! We bring the games to you and keep the party Rolling in our Limo styled video game truck! From 7 years old to teenage birthday parties, from family picnics to wedding receptions, we do them all! Bring Rolling Game Station to your next party or event. You won’t believe your eyes! www.RollingGameStation.comtest ad7

The Philadelphia area’s Ultimate birthday party idea is Rolling Game Station, a Mobile Video Game Party on Wheels!




Rolling Game Station is the Ultimate Party FUN in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware Berks and Lancaster County! We bring the party games, you bring your guests and they get their game on in a Luxury Mobile Video Game Theater with 2- 46″ and 3 -50″ Huge HDTVs! When you book with Rolling Game Station you get 5+ years of experience in bringing Video Game Parties to the customer. We are not new at this and know just the right way to bring you the BEST PARTY ON WHEELS!

We won’t Steer You Wrong!


At Rolling Game Station, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are completely honest with you about your birthday party! We want YOU to have the BEST PARTY EVER with our Game Truck, we will not push you into a party time that is too long for the 7 year old (or any other age) birthday party! We will tell you if the 1 hour party is too short for the 13 year old birthday party too!  We use our 5 years of experience to guide you in the right direction.  We would much rather you have the best party than to make a few extra dollars off a party that is too long for your boys or girls party. We also don’t want anyone disappointed when we leave too early.

We bring the games to you and all you need to do is bring the guests.  We make it easy for that by providing you with Free Evites or hard copy invitations to hand/mail out.

Rolling Game Station not only brings the games to U we give you plenty of options to make the best birthday party ever.  You can check out our Sweet Treats page where you can select a business to make your custom birthday party cake or treat.  We also provide you with Host Locations to have your party at! You can find all of these birthday party ideas on our website!  Call it one stop birthday party shopping!

One of our biggest questions is,  can you do a Minecraft birthday party? The answer is YES WE CAN!  We currently can have 16 guests playing MineCraft at the same time!

We are looking forward to getting your Party Rolling!! Get your booking in today!