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Birthday Parties with Rolling Game Station are FUN and SAFE!


birthday parties should be fun and safe

At Rolling Game Station we take pride in bringing you FUN and SAFE birthday parties!

We bring the birthday parties to you!  No need to arrange to have all the kids dropped off at some strange place and then have to worry about keeping track of everyone. We bring the party to you and keep everything contained so everyone can stay safe in one area.

Have you ever considered that having your birthday parties at strange locations means there are strange people there too?  We vet our employees and make sure that they have been cleared through the Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare Portal and through criminal background checks. The only people that should be mingling amongst your precious children are people you know and can trust.  At Rolling Game Station we will not send employees out to your home that we would not trust with our own children!  We also think you need to keep birthday parties close to home and you can’t get much closer than the end of your driveway!

When Rolling Game Station comes to your location, the kids stay contained in one area where you can keep an eye on everyone all the time.  There are no little nooks, or rooms to lose them in, they all stay right in our 32’ video game theater where you can see from one end to the other.

Did you know our trailer was designed to pull up to your house so that the front door is on the passenger side and away from traffic? Our trailer is designed to keep guests safe at birthday parties and events. Having the door at the front “V” of the trailer helps prevent anyone from accidentally walking into the street or wandering off.   birthday parties should be fun and safe

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