Rolling Game Station

Book a Weekday Party, Save 10%!

Weekends aren’t the only days to hold a video game birthday party or event. Rolling Game Station brings the best video game party to your door 7 days a week! Customers who’ve taken advantage of our flexible schedule often book their weekday parties the night before a day off from school. Or, better yet, during a day off!

For any party that’s held Monday through Thursday, we’ll take 10% off of the price! Our weekend calendar tends to fill up about 6 weeks in advance, so if a video game party is high on your kid’s wish list, a weekday party can help ensure you cross that one off of the list.

To request a party, jump over to our booking page or call us at 610-906-7299.

No matter what day of the week you have a video game party, it’s always a great event!

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