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Always Adding the Newest Games!


New games bring new excitement, that’s why we always try to have the latest games on board. It’s just another reason we’re the best game truck in Chester, Montgomery and Delaware County, PA! 

And don’t forget that we can play Fortnite on 6 TVs at once! 

New games: 

Madden 19 (Xbox One and PS4)
NBA 2K18 (Xbox One and PS4)
Spider-Man (PS4)
DragonBall FighterZ (PS4)

Coming Soon!

Super Mario Party (Switch)
FIFA 19 (Xbox One)
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (Xbox One)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch) 

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PlayStation Virtual Reality


The PlayStation VR headset is a unique gaming experience designed to make you feel like you’re experiencing the action first-hand. If you’re interested in including PSVR at your next event, be sure to include it in the “Add On” section of the form. 

video game party with rolling game station


Rolling Game Station wants everyone to have fun, be safe and follow  a few simple rules for VR:

-VR can only be used by ages 12 and up (no exceptions)
-VR may cause Virtual Reality Sickness.
-Gamers MUST remain seated while using the VR headset. 
-There may not be enough time in a party to allow everyone a chance to use the VR.
-VR is only available during private parties and is not included for use at events/fundraisers. 

Rolling Game Station brings the Ultimate Video Game Party to your door! Secure your party date now before it’s gone.

Video Game Truck Party Rental


Rolling Game Station is THE ultimate video game truck party rental that comes to you! When you want a fun party, you want Rolling Game Station! Our Video Game truck party rental rig bring 6 TVs on the inside connected to a combination of consoles from Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4!  With over 100 game titles in the truck to keep everyone busy and having a GREAT time!  We cater to all ages and have games that run from “E” for everyone to “M” for mature audiences.  We ONLY play age appropriate games at your party and only deviate from that if YOU say it’s okay to play higher rated titles.

video game truck party rental
Rolling Game Station only plays age appropriate games!

Rolling Game Station has been the Premier video game truck party rental in Pennsylvania since 2010 and we have satisfied well over 25,000 guests at nearly 2000 customer’s parties! We bring you the experience you want to a party! Our employees are committed to a great party and have an average of 3.5 years of experience running parties! Shawn is our manager and has been with us from the start! He loves seeing a party going off well and loves to keep everyone involved! He runs 95% of the video game parties every year!

Rolling Game Station is committed to our customer’s safety and we want you to know you can trust our Video Game Truck Party Rental.  No one works for Rolling Game Station that has not passed their background investigation to work with children and everyone gets Child Abuse History Clearance by the State of Pennsylvania! We are not playing games with your precious little ones!

video game truck party rental
Our Employees are screened!

If you have any questions about Rolling Game Station’s video game truck party rental, please let us know. We will be happy to answer your questions. You can contact us at or by calling 610-906-7299.

Best Video Game Truck


Rolling Game Station is the best game trailer that brings the ultimate birthday party to your front door.  We are the first independent game truck like ours in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware and Berks Counties. If you are shopping around, take a look at the wording on everyone else’s websites.  Do the policies look like ours? Do the questions and answers look like ours?  Did they just change the pictures and the colors? There is a reason for that… when you want people to notice you, you copy the best and Rolling Game Station is THE BEST video game truck in Collegeville, Royersford,  Eagleville, the main line, Morgantown, Downingtown, West Chester, Chads Ford, King of Prussia, Macungie and everywhere in between! Pennsylvania’s Ultimate game party is brought to you by Rolling Game Station.

the best game trailer from Rolling Game Station

Rolling Game Station was founded on honesty and a desire to give our customers the best party experience ever and we do it all the time. Our reviews show we have the Best crew on our game truck and that we do everything we can to make the booking and party as easy as it can be.

best video game truck is Rolling Game Station

Rolling Game Station has been bringing the best game trailer to customer’s doors for 6 years, we have the experience you need to host your party.  We bring 5 huge flat screen TVs to your location so 20+ guests can play at the same time.  With Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the Wii U we have all the current consoles and the older ones too so everyone will have a Blast.  With over 100 titles to choose from, everyone is bound to find a game they like.

Helpful Tips for Pokemon Go


Ok, So who out there is playing Pokemon Go?? I downloaded it and it is fun to see if you can find all the Pokemon around the area.  I have not gone too deep into it and battled anyone yet but I have used about 150 Pokemon Balls (my aim is not that good apparently) !

Most of you know I am a police officer along with running Rolling Game Station  and I wanted to make sure to pass on some knowledge for you to use. I strongly suggest that you use some caution and make sure you talk to the kids about going out and searching for Pokemon. I cannot tell you how many people I see just blindly walking into the street and wandering around busy parking lots and a few in places they should not have been. I even say a young adult trying to ride his bike while playing. I see a crash in his near future if he continues that. Curfews are established in a lot of towns and there were a LOT of kids we sent home over the last week who were in violation.

Please remember:
YOU MUST keep your awareness up, everyone glued to the screen and not looking around is a recipe for disaster. The phone will vibrate when a Pokemon is close, take a minute to look up every now and then.

pokemon-go-stay-alert- Rolling Game Station

BE CAREFUL about where you go to find your Pokemon, there are bad people out there and they may have lures set up for attracting their victims. Never go onto private property to collect a Pokemon no matter how rare it is!

Pokemon Go Watch where you walk

WORK AS A TEAM while out searching for Pokemon. Go out with friends in search of the elusive creatures. The more the better! A larger group is stronger and safer then being by yourself or in a small group and there are more eyes to look and see danger.

HAVE FUN stop at the gyms and training center and battle your friends and others there.

PokemonGO Rolling Game Station
OBEY the law and keep curfew laws (both family and legal) in mind while searching. We (police) try to be understanding but, we can only be understanding to a point. We don’t want to ruin the kids hunts so make sure they plan searches with enough time to get home. If your an adult… DON’T Drive and hunt and if you get an alert for a nearby Pokemon, use caution and pull over to a safe place to continue the hunt.

Rolling Game Station- Be Careful w/Pokemon Go

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Scams and Video Game Parties


I wanted to revisit this post and add some more links for you, the customer to look at before reserving your next party. These 3rd party companies are dangerous to use and we strongly encourage you to do some research before sending anyone your money to reserve a party.  Please be an educated consumer and check before you pay! Rolling Game Station will never, knowingly, do any business with these types of 3rd party booking agencies.


Rolling Game Station is aware of numerous websites that offer Video Game Parties in the Philadelphia area and beyond that are not on the up and up with their practices.  These scammers normally use websites with city names in them and do not own or run any video game trucks of their own. They will take your booking and your money (for much more than you would pay Rolling Game Station), then try to find someone to cover your party. When they cannot find someone to cover your party, they will not call you, you just won’t have anyone show up and they will blame someone else for backing out when you call.  You will have to fight them to get your money back and they will try to say it’s this or that companies fault. These companies have targeted several types of businesses in the past including skydiving balloon rides and other thrill sports.

What can you do? 
DON’T BOOK a party with a 3rd party vendor that does not even own a video game truck. Always ask if the company runs their own trucks and if there are any other locations you can see their equipment (Facebook is a great way to find out if a biz is legit as, you will be able to see feedback from other customers).

Check out these links for information about scammers:

This is a really good you tube video from one of our friends down south and really points out the issues with using these 3rd party companies.

Rockin Rolling Video Game party- You Tube Video


Is the company listing their price on their website? If not, be sure that they are not running a legitimate business. The reason they do not post their prices is so they can charge what they feel like when you call them to submit a booking.  Do not pay on the spot while on the phone. Companies looking to get paid right away have issues you should look into. We allow a 7 day window to allow you to research us and to check your own schedules.


Ask questions about the businesses location and even who the owner is. If they can’t tell you, don’t book with them! If you google my name you will find a lot of local references linking Rolling Game Station to your community!!)
If you did book with a 3rd party and are having trouble getting your money back, send me an email and we can put you in touch with some agencies that may be able to help you.


Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia’s Best Birthday Party Idea!


Did you know that Rolling Game Station serves Suburban Philadelphia with the Best Birthday Party Idea ever?
Well, if you didn’t know it before, you do now!

Rolling Game Station brings you 5 large flat screen TVs connected to multiple gaming consoles to make your party or event the best party you have ever had!  Our custom made 32 foot trailer or “man cave” is set up to allow up to 20 players to play at one time on up to 5 different games.  Try to do this in your basement, it’s gonna get expensive! We offer you free invitations of your choice, custom hard copy invites that you can hand or mail out as well as our new custom premier Evites to email to your guests. We take pictures of your party as it happens, so that you do not have to! Your guest of Honor will receive a flashing medallion to let everyone know he is the King or Queen of the party!

Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Front
Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Back


Rolling Game Station has been servicing birthday parties and events in suburban Philadelphia for over 5 years. We have entertained over 1,500 parties in Chester, Montgomery, Berks, Lehigh and Delaware Counties.  We have the experience to make your party the “best party ever” and we will steer you towards the party that’s right for you.  We will not try to up-sell you the party that brings us the most money.  We want YOU to be happy; we want the GUESTS to be happy and to leave your party saying, “Rolling Game Station is the best birthday party idea ever”!

Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia's best party Idea


We are currently preparing Rolling Game Station for the future of gaming, Virtual Reality! Rolling Game Station plans to continue to be suburban Philadelphia’s best birthday party idea by bringing virtual reality to your door.  We have added a new Play Station 4 (PS4) to our video game theater and have connected it to a 6th TV at the front of our game room. We are looking forward to the release of Play Station VR to help us continue to be the “best birthday party ever”!  Stay tuned for details on the addition of VR for your party!

Play Station VR and Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
Sony VR headset

Since Rolling Game Station has been serving suburban Philadelphia with the best birthday party idea ever, we have seen a tremendous demand for our weekend parties.  It is not uncommon for someone to book a party with us 3, 4 or even 6 months in advance and most of our Saturday and Sunday slots are full 4-6 weeks in advance. So, if you want to have suburban Philadelphia’s best party idea come to your home, party or event, don’t waste time, CLICK HERE and get your booking submitted and your party Rolling TODAY!

If You Need A Video Game Truck For Your Party or Event then, Rolling Game Station is what you need!


If You Want A Video Game Truck For Your Party Then, Rolling Game Station Is What You Need!

video game truck
A Video Game Truck is the Ultimate Birthday Party Idea!

Rolling Game Station is the Go To business when you need a video game truck! We had our 1st event on November 6th, 2010 and have been going strong ever since. We look forward to bringing you a FUN party or event.

Rolling Game Station’s game truck has 5 large flat screen TVs attached to 4 Xbox 360s, an Xbox One, 4 Wii and a Wii U with stadium seating that allows up to 20 players to play at one time. We have well over 100 game discs in the trailer to keep everyone gaming and having FUN.

For birthday parties we recommend the following lengths of parties for each age group:

For 7 and 8 year olds, in general we recommend having the video game truck for 1 hour. This is because at this age they have shorter attention spans and are still limited in what games they are able to play.

For 9+ we can recommend having the game truck for 90 minutes (our most popular video game truck party). Once the kids hit 9 years old they have a longer attention span and are able to get into just about all of the games we have on board.

At 11 years old and older they kids just need more time in our video game truck and we suggest a 2 hour party. We always like to leave a party with the kids wanting a little more but, at this age, 90 minutes can just be way too short of a time for them.

We strongly discourage having a video game truck for groups under 6 years old. We understand that your son or daughter may be an awesome gamer but, the majority of kids this age just do not have the hand eye coordination, the attention span or the ability to pick up and learn a game fast enough to make this type of party the best it can be.

If you have any questions at all about the length of time to have a game truck at your party please feel free to send us an email to We want you to have the “BEST PARTY EVER” and will always look for what is BEST FOR YOUR PARTY!

For Pricing and to see the above recommendations on the website please CLICK HERE!

Want to see some pictures of other parties we have had? Check out our FACEBOOK page!

Having a GREAT time in our Video Game Truck!


Birthday Parties with Rolling Game Station are FUN and SAFE!



birthday parties should be fun and safe

At Rolling Game Station we take pride in bringing you FUN and SAFE birthday parties!

We bring the birthday parties to you!  No need to arrange to have all the kids dropped off at some strange place and then have to worry about keeping track of everyone. We bring the party to you and keep everything contained so everyone can stay safe in one area.

Have you ever considered that having your birthday parties at strange locations means there are strange people there too?  We vet our employees and make sure that they have been cleared through the Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare Portal and through criminal background checks. The only people that should be mingling amongst your precious children are people you know and can trust.  At Rolling Game Station we will not send employees out to your home that we would not trust with our own children!  We also think you need to keep birthday parties close to home and you can’t get much closer than the end of your driveway!

When Rolling Game Station comes to your location, the kids stay contained in one area where you can keep an eye on everyone all the time.  There are no little nooks, or rooms to lose them in, they all stay right in our 32’ video game theater where you can see from one end to the other.

Did you know our trailer was designed to pull up to your house so that the front door is on the passenger side and away from traffic? Our trailer is designed to keep guests safe at birthday parties and events. Having the door at the front “V” of the trailer helps prevent anyone from accidentally walking into the street or wandering off.   birthday parties should be fun and safe

Want to see some pictures of other birthday parties? Check out our Facebook page at