Rolling Game Station

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Two ways to book: Click the Book Now! Link at the top of the page and fill out the request form or call us at 610-906-7299 and speak to either Elizabeth or Mike. If we don’t answer, please leave a message. We have three kids, so we can’t always get to the phone right away. Either way, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

The sooner the better! We are regularly booked at least 6 weeks in advance for weekend events. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call us at the last minute if you need help. While it’s unlikely we’ll be free, it’s been known to happen!

Your event won’t be secured until payment is received. Once we confirm your date, you have one week to make payment. Our system will automatically cancel your event and you’ll receive an email letting you know what’s happened. Please understand that your timeslot will then be considered open and could be taken by another requester.

Our drivers are excellent and can go nearly anywhere. However, we will ALWAYS park on the street unless it is prohibited by law or is unsafe.  As long as your driveway or street is not too steep, we can come. Otherwise, you can always look to book at friend/relative’s home, a public park (you’re responsible for getting the permit) or any other area you can secure. We also partner with a few nearby businesses who are happy to host us and your party guests. 

We don’t want this next part to sound too harsh, but our drivers have the final say if the spot you’ve chosen for us will work or not. If the spot poses unnecessary risk to them or the equipment, they reserve the right to leave. In the very unlikely even that this occurs, we will be in touch with you right away. But be aware, if this were to happen there are no refunds. We’re counting on you to make sure we’re ready to go.  

As long as it’s safe to drive, we’ll be there – rain, snow or shine. However, if weather conditions make for unsafe roads, we won’t put our drivers at risk. We’ll contact you to make alternate arrangements.

The Game Coach arrives in plenty of time to setup and start your event at the designated start time. Normally between 10-20 minutes ahead of time. If we’re going to be late, we’ll be sure to call.

If you have such concerns, inform the Game Coach upon arrival and he will make sure that the gaming is appropriate.  We always play age appropriate games unless instructed otherwise by the host.  The Game Coach will follow the lead of the guest(s) of honor to make sure they’re having the best time possible!

You don’t have to, but it’s ALWAYS appreciated. They work hard to make sure your event is memorable.

We always bring the full game library to every event and your Game Coach will listen to and make suggestions to make your event successful. We do request that if you want “M” rated games you send us an e-mail or list them in the comments section when booking. You can see our game list here.

We really, really, really, really hope not. But, we have to admit, it can happen. It’s a machine and things (not great things) can happen unexpectedly. We train our drivers to troubleshoot as many different situations as possible, but sometimes things are out of their – or our – control.

We promise that if this were to happen, we’ll be in touch the entire time and if we can’t make it (which again, we hope NEVER happens) you’ll be refunded the full amount and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right for next time if you give us another chance.