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Helpful Tips for Pokemon Go

Ok, So who out there is playing Pokemon Go?? I downloaded it and it is fun to see if you can find all the Pokemon around the area, much like you can in the Heartgold nds rom you can find online.  I have not gone too deep into it and battled anyone yet but I have used about 150 Pokemon Balls (my aim is not that good apparently)!

Most of you know I am a police officer along with running Rolling Game Station  and I wanted to make sure to pass on some knowledge for you to use. I strongly suggest that you use some caution and make sure you talk to the kids about going out and searching for Pokemon. I cannot tell you how many people I see just blindly walking into the street and wandering around busy parking lots and a few in places they should not have been. I even say a young adult trying to ride his bike while playing. I see a crash in his near future if he continues that. Curfews are established in a lot of towns and there were a LOT of kids we sent home over the last week who were in violation.

Please remember:
YOU MUST keep your awareness up, everyone glued to the screen and not looking around is a recipe for disaster. The phone will vibrate when a Pokemon is close, take a minute to look up every now and then.

pokemon-go-stay-alert- Rolling Game Station

BE CAREFUL about where you go to find your Pokemon, there are bad people out there and they may have lures set up for attracting their victims. Never go onto private property to collect a Pokemon no matter how rare it is!

Pokemon Go Watch where you walk

WORK AS A TEAM while out searching for Pokemon. Go out with friends in search of the elusive creatures. The more the better! A larger group is stronger and safer then being by yourself or in a small group and there are more eyes to look and see danger.

HAVE FUN stop at the gyms and training center and battle your friends and others there.

PokemonGO Rolling Game Station
OBEY the law and keep curfew laws (both family and legal) in mind while searching. We (police) try to be understanding but, we can only be understanding to a point. We don’t want to ruin the kids hunts so make sure they plan searches with enough time to get home. If your an adult… DON’T Drive and hunt and if you get an alert for a nearby Pokemon, use caution and pull over to a safe place to continue the hunt.

Rolling Game Station- Be Careful w/Pokemon Go

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