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If You Need A Video Game Truck For Your Party or Event then, Rolling Game Station is what you need!

If You Want A Video Game Truck For Your Party Then, Rolling Game Station Is What You Need!

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A Video Game Truck is the Ultimate Birthday Party Idea!

Rolling Game Station is the Go To business when you need a video game truck! We had our 1st event on November 6th, 2010 and have been going strong ever since. We look forward to bringing you a FUN party or event.

Rolling Game Station’s game truck has 5 large flat screen TVs attached to 4 Xbox 360s, an Xbox One, 4 Wii and a Wii U with stadium seating that allows up to 20 players to play at one time. We have well over 100 game discs in the trailer to keep everyone gaming and having FUN.

For birthday parties we recommend the following lengths of parties for each age group:

For 7 and 8 year olds, in general we recommend having the video game truck for 1 hour. This is because at this age they have shorter attention spans and are still limited in what games they are able to play.

For 9+ we can recommend having the game truck for 90 minutes (our most popular video game truck party). Once the kids hit 9 years old they have a longer attention span and are able to get into just about all of the games we have on board.

At 11 years old and older they kids just need more time in our video game truck and we suggest a 2 hour party. We always like to leave a party with the kids wanting a little more but, at this age, 90 minutes can just be way too short of a time for them.

We strongly discourage having a video game truck for groups under 6 years old. We understand that your son or daughter may be an awesome gamer but, the majority of kids this age just do not have the hand eye coordination, the attention span or the ability to pick up and learn a game fast enough to make this type of party the best it can be.

If you have any questions at all about the length of time to have a game truck at your party please feel free to send us an email to We want you to have the “BEST PARTY EVER” and will always look for what is BEST FOR YOUR PARTY!

For Pricing and to see the above recommendations on the website please CLICK HERE!

Want to see some pictures of other parties we have had? Check out our FACEBOOK page!

Having a GREAT time in our Video Game Truck!


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