School, Church & Non-Profit


Rolling Game Station offers special pricing for Schools, Churches, FUNdraisers, community events, day camps and other Non-Profits in Pennsylvania.

Looking to find a new way to bring excitement to your next school function? Need something new and unique to reward your students? Looking for a way to attract more kids to your youth group? Need a safe environment for kids to enjoy fellowship with one another?
How about the greatest entertainment idea at any community or civic event?

We’ve Got it! Rolling Game Station and our Mobile Video Game Theater is the answer!

We are the best party idea for Pennsylvania non-profit groups!   We serve Chester County, Berks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and parts of Lehigh County, and Lancaster County.

How Can We Help you Raise FUNds?

Lets say you book us for a 3 hour event and lets say you charge $2 per ticket to play for 10 minutes in the Mobile Video Game Theater! We can rotate on Average 5 groups per hour at 10 minute intervals for up to 20 guests at a time (we collect the tickets) so lets say you average 16 players per group;

  • 16 Guests x $2 tickets= $32 per group
  • 5 groups per hour x $32= $160
  • 3 Hours x $160= $480
  • $480 less the cost of our Services ($345)= $135 or $45 per hour**

As you can see, all you need to do is bring the guests into the event and let their love of Video Games do the rest! 

 Event Pricing

(NOTE: Prices below for Non-Profit Groups Only.  For-profit groups please add sales tax.)

3-Hour Events:  $345*
4-Hour Events:  $460*
5-Hour Events:  $575*
6-Hour Events:  $690*

*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge. See our Service Area for more information.


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**fundraising amount is based on having a large turnout to your event with a large percentage of guests that love video games, we cannot guarantee this will be your profit so please make sure to advertise your event to draw in the most people.  Booking organization (you) are responsible for selling the tickets however, we will collect them at the door

A Mobile Video Game Party for boys and girls