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Previewing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Nintendo is bringing the Switch Holiday Experience to select malls across the country for a limited time. We had a chance to stop by the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday to get our hands on Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the first time before it hits stores in a few weeks.

Nintendo had very strict rules for photos and videos. No pictures were allowed of the character selection screen and any gameplay photos had to be partially blocked by players!

In addition to Smash, Let’s Go Pokemon, new Labo kits and Dance Central were all on display. But Smash Bros was the star, as evidenced by 30 minute wait to play a single round.

Giving the Pokeball controller a spin.

It was worth it. While it’s largely similar to Smash Bros. on the Wii U, the game felt crisp, the graphics looked better than ever and we didn’t notice any slowdown during our limited time.

This is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it’ll be available on our truck as soon as it launches. READY TO FIGHT!

It was an exciting day, tiring out the littlest member of the RGS family.

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