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Scams and Video Game Parties

I wanted to revisit this post and add some more links for you, the customer to look at before reserving your next party. These 3rd party companies are dangerous to use and we strongly encourage you to do some research before sending anyone your money to reserve a party.  Please be an educated consumer and check before you pay! Rolling Game Station will never, knowingly, do any business with these types of 3rd party booking agencies.


Rolling Game Station is aware of numerous websites that offer Video Game Parties in the Philadelphia area and beyond that are not on the up and up with their practices.  These scammers normally use websites with city names in them and do not own or run any video game trucks of their own. They will take your booking and your money (for much more than you would pay Rolling Game Station), then try to find someone to cover your party. When they cannot find someone to cover your party, they will not call you, you just won’t have anyone show up and they will blame someone else for backing out when you call.  You will have to fight them to get your money back and they will try to say it’s this or that companies fault. These companies have targeted several types of businesses in the past including skydiving balloon rides and other thrill sports.

What can you do? 
DON’T BOOK a party with a 3rd party vendor that does not even own a video game truck. Always ask if the company runs their own trucks and if there are any other locations you can see their equipment (Facebook is a great way to find out if a biz is legit as, you will be able to see feedback from other customers).

Check out these links for information about scammers:

This is a really good you tube video from one of our friends down south and really points out the issues with using these 3rd party companies.

Rockin Rolling Video Game party- You Tube Video


Is the company listing their price on their website? If not, be sure that they are not running a legitimate business. The reason they do not post their prices is so they can charge what they feel like when you call them to submit a booking.  Do not pay on the spot while on the phone. Companies looking to get paid right away have issues you should look into. We allow a 7 day window to allow you to research us and to check your own schedules.


Ask questions about the businesses location and even who the owner is. If they can’t tell you, don’t book with them! If you google my name you will find a lot of local references linking Rolling Game Station to your community!!)
If you did book with a 3rd party and are having trouble getting your money back, send me an email and we can put you in touch with some agencies that may be able to help you.


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