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Fortnite Now Available on 6 Screens!


A year since being released, Fortnite’s insane popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Rolling Game Station can now support Fortnite on up to six TVs at once, so put down the headset and communicate with your team live and in person!

We’ve held quite a few Fortnite events since launching this feature and everyone has had an absolute blast. When booking your event, you can choose to add Fortnite on all six screens or just one or two so that other games can be played as well.

Fortnite requires an internet connection. We’ll have to plug into your home’s router/modem prior to the party starting to get everything up and running. We have a 300 foot cord on board to tackle even the longest driveways.

Don’t delay, book your Fortnite event today!

Video Game Truck Party Rental


Rolling Game Station is THE ultimate video game truck party rental that comes to you! When you want a fun party, you want Rolling Game Station! Our Video Game truck party rental rig bring 6 TVs on the inside connected to a combination of consoles from Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4!  With over 100 game titles in the truck to keep everyone busy and having a GREAT time!  We cater to all ages and have games that run from “E” for everyone to “M” for mature audiences.  We ONLY play age appropriate games at your party and only deviate from that if YOU say it’s okay to play higher rated titles.

video game truck party rental
Rolling Game Station only plays age appropriate games!

Rolling Game Station has been the Premier video game truck party rental in Pennsylvania since 2010 and we have satisfied well over 25,000 guests at nearly 2000 customer’s parties! We bring you the experience you want to a party! Our employees are committed to a great party and have an average of 3.5 years of experience running parties! Shawn is our manager and has been with us from the start! He loves seeing a party going off well and loves to keep everyone involved! He runs 95% of the video game parties every year!

Rolling Game Station is committed to our customer’s safety and we want you to know you can trust our Video Game Truck Party Rental.  No one works for Rolling Game Station that has not passed their background investigation to work with children and everyone gets Child Abuse History Clearance by the State of Pennsylvania! We are not playing games with your precious little ones!

video game truck party rental
Our Employees are screened!

If you have any questions about Rolling Game Station’s video game truck party rental, please let us know. We will be happy to answer your questions. You can contact us at sales@rollinggamestation.com or by calling 610-906-7299.

Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia’s Best Birthday Party Idea!


Did you know that Rolling Game Station serves Suburban Philadelphia with the Best Birthday Party Idea ever?
Well, if you didn’t know it before, you do now!

Rolling Game Station brings you 5 large flat screen TVs connected to multiple gaming consoles to make your party or event the best party you have ever had!  Our custom made 32 foot trailer or “man cave” is set up to allow up to 20 players to play at one time on up to 5 different games.  Try to do this in your basement, it’s gonna get expensive! We offer you free invitations of your choice, custom hard copy invites that you can hand or mail out as well as our new custom premier Evites to email to your guests. We take pictures of your party as it happens, so that you do not have to! Your guest of Honor will receive a flashing medallion to let everyone know he is the King or Queen of the party!

Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Front
Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Back


Rolling Game Station has been servicing birthday parties and events in suburban Philadelphia for over 5 years. We have entertained over 1,500 parties in Chester, Montgomery, Berks, Lehigh and Delaware Counties.  We have the experience to make your party the “best party ever” and we will steer you towards the party that’s right for you.  We will not try to up-sell you the party that brings us the most money.  We want YOU to be happy; we want the GUESTS to be happy and to leave your party saying, “Rolling Game Station is the best birthday party idea ever”!

Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia's best party Idea


We are currently preparing Rolling Game Station for the future of gaming, Virtual Reality! Rolling Game Station plans to continue to be suburban Philadelphia’s best birthday party idea by bringing virtual reality to your door.  We have added a new Play Station 4 (PS4) to our video game theater and have connected it to a 6th TV at the front of our game room. We are looking forward to the release of Play Station VR to help us continue to be the “best birthday party ever”!  Stay tuned for details on the addition of VR for your party!

Play Station VR and Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
Sony VR headset

Since Rolling Game Station has been serving suburban Philadelphia with the best birthday party idea ever, we have seen a tremendous demand for our weekend parties.  It is not uncommon for someone to book a party with us 3, 4 or even 6 months in advance and most of our Saturday and Sunday slots are full 4-6 weeks in advance. So, if you want to have suburban Philadelphia’s best party idea come to your home, party or event, don’t waste time, CLICK HERE and get your booking submitted and your party Rolling TODAY!

Want An Easy Birthday Party?


Do you want an Easy Birthday Party this year for your son or daughter??

When was the last time you had an easy birthday party for your son or daughter? Can’t remember can you? That must be because you have never had Rolling Game Station come to your place for a party.
Once your party is secured, you can sit back and relax and wait for Rolling Game Station to pull up and entertain your guests.  We have Game Coaches on board to make sure your East Birthday Party stays simple and they let you sit back, relax and watch the party go on with out stressing.  Schedule us to get there at the start of the party and the kids come straight into the trailer and play video games to their hearts content. Still want to have cake and ice cream? Open the garage door and set up a table to two and keep the kids out of the house altogether.

Rolling Game Station is an Easy Birthday Party
You don’t need an easy button to have an easy birthday party, just book with Rolling Game Station and your done!

What do you have to do during Rolling Game Station’s Easy Birthday Party?

After you book and secure the party the stress is over! Rolling Game Station shows up, brings the crowd into the trailer and you sit back, relax, hang out with other parents and talk about something fun for you! Or, come in and join the kids and have fun with them! Kids love to see their parents gaming with them, show them you still got game! Having a 2 hour party? That’s enough time to, greet the guests and their parents, point them toward the Rolling Game Station then sit back and catch up on your favorite show that you recorded and still haven’t found time to watch! After the show, come back out and greet the parents picking up the kids and tell them how hard you worked to make this party happen!!! They will never know how east it was until they book Rolling Game Station! 😀

How Easy was the Birthday Party? Here are 3 reviews from the last few months that specifically said how easy it was!

“The guys in the truck were great (Reece and Sean- I think that’s how you spell them). The boys had a great time and the guys were so good with them. Second time we’ve used you guys and both were great. So easy and the kids loved it. THANKS!”

“My son’s 11th birthday party was a hit with Rolling Game Station! The kids didn’t come out of the truck for 2 hours :). Easiest birthday party to date!! Will definitely recommend and use them again. Thank you. “

“This was, hands down, the best and easiest party we have ever had for our son! Many thanks!!!”

Want to see some pictures from our parties? Check them out on our Facebook Page at www.Facebook.com/rollinggamestation