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Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia’s Best Birthday Party Idea!


Did you know that Rolling Game Station serves Suburban Philadelphia with the Best Birthday Party Idea ever?
Well, if you didn’t know it before, you do now!

Rolling Game Station brings you 5 large flat screen TVs connected to multiple gaming consoles to make your party or event the best party you have ever had!  Our custom made 32 foot trailer or “man cave” is set up to allow up to 20 players to play at one time on up to 5 different games.  Try to do this in your basement, it’s gonna get expensive! We offer you free invitations of your choice, custom hard copy invites that you can hand or mail out as well as our new custom premier Evites to email to your guests. We take pictures of your party as it happens, so that you do not have to! Your guest of Honor will receive a flashing medallion to let everyone know he is the King or Queen of the party!

Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Front
Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
New Invitation- Back


Rolling Game Station has been servicing birthday parties and events in suburban Philadelphia for over 5 years. We have entertained over 1,500 parties in Chester, Montgomery, Berks, Lehigh and Delaware Counties.  We have the experience to make your party the “best party ever” and we will steer you towards the party that’s right for you.  We will not try to up-sell you the party that brings us the most money.  We want YOU to be happy; we want the GUESTS to be happy and to leave your party saying, “Rolling Game Station is the best birthday party idea ever”!

Rolling Game Station is Suburban Philadelphia's best party Idea


We are currently preparing Rolling Game Station for the future of gaming, Virtual Reality! Rolling Game Station plans to continue to be suburban Philadelphia’s best birthday party idea by bringing virtual reality to your door.  We have added a new Play Station 4 (PS4) to our video game theater and have connected it to a 6th TV at the front of our game room. We are looking forward to the release of Play Station VR to help us continue to be the “best birthday party ever”!  Stay tuned for details on the addition of VR for your party!

Play Station VR and Rolling Game Station, Suburban Philadelphia's best party idea
Sony VR headset

Since Rolling Game Station has been serving suburban Philadelphia with the best birthday party idea ever, we have seen a tremendous demand for our weekend parties.  It is not uncommon for someone to book a party with us 3, 4 or even 6 months in advance and most of our Saturday and Sunday slots are full 4-6 weeks in advance. So, if you want to have suburban Philadelphia’s best party idea come to your home, party or event, don’t waste time, CLICK HERE and get your booking submitted and your party Rolling TODAY!

Why is Rolling Game Station the Best Kids Birthday Party Place in Pa?


Rolling Game Station brings the Ultimate in Birthday Party Fun to your location with our limo styled gaming truck!

Tired of the same old bounce party or bowling party? Looking for a new birthday party place for the kids? 

bored kids at party because mom forgot to book rolling game station
Don’t let this be your party

 Yeah we thought so too and decided to bring the games to you with our awesome birthday party idea!  We keep the kids out of the house and in our game truck to keep everyone entertained, rain or shine! From 7 to 70 everyone can play with Rolling Game Station!

Worried about all the little germs the little guys bring into the game truck and leave behind?

no-germs picture

 We thought about that too! After every video game party we take the time to wipe each and every controller that was used or touched with Clorox wipes!  We also wipe down and clean the seats to get the greasy pizza prints off the seats and any germs that were left behind there! If you want to sanitize before and after your party, we also have hand sanitizer available at all times!
  Believe us; we want to be able to play in a clean environment too!

Worried about who the game coaches are that will be at your video game party?  

keep kids safe in a heart

No need to worry!!  If I wouldn’t trust someone with my little girls, I would never trust them with yours so, all of us at Rolling Game Station have our Child Abuse Clearances and back ground checks done to make sure only the best come to your video game party!

Don’t have enough room at your house for a video game party?

tables inside dairy queen
not an actual picture of our host location but, you get the idea! 😉

No need to worry, Rolling Game Station has several Hosted Party locations where you can have your fun birthday party! Check out our Hosted Party Page.  If you know a business that would be a good combination for Rolling Game Station tell them about us and we can help bring new customers to them! We LOVE to partner with other local businesses to help you, The Customer, have the Ultimate Birthday Party!  

Are you in need of a birthday cake or sweet treats for your birthday party?

download (1)

We can help there too! Rolling Game Station has a Sweet Places page that highlights some great bakeries around the area that would love to help make your video game party “the Best Party Ever!”. Boys or girls birthday parties are always better with a themed birthday cake! 

Is a Video Game Party with Rolling Game Station expensive?

super mario bros coin block head

 We don’t think so; we believe we are right in line with any other birthday party place you might go to!  A bowling alley might promise you a great price at $14-$16 per guest but when you look at it, you and everyone else have to take your party to them, they only provide 1 hour of their 2 hour party having any fun and the guests have to take turns one or two at a time. The other 1 hour of party time is sitting in a bland room with tables waiting for the party to end and mom to pick them up or using up their 20 coins in the video game machines that cost 2-4 tokens a game. Do you really think 20 tokens will last 30-45 minutes? 
Rolling Game Station charges $325 for a 2 hour party and you can have up to 20 guests playing at the same time! We bring the games to you and they play for the entire 2 hours without having to come ask for more tokens!  

Do you live outside of Rolling Game Stations area?

no service
Rolling Game Station only serves Suburban Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

We have got you covered there too! We have come up with a list of the Best Game Trucks for you to have your video game party in other areas of the country! Yup, we have a page dedicated to our video game truck friends from California to New York and New England!  Check out the page and refer one of your friends in another state to one of our friends!  Don’t see a place on the list? Send us an email and we will see if we can help you find an Awesome Video Game Truck that serves the area you or your friends are in!