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Fortnite Now Available on 6 Screens!


A year since being released, Fortnite’s insane popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Rolling Game Station can now support Fortnite on up to six TVs at once, so put down the headset and communicate with your team live and in person!

We’ve held quite a few Fortnite events since launching this feature and everyone has had an absolute blast. When booking your event, you can choose to add Fortnite on all six screens or just one or two so that other games can be played as well.

Fortnite requires an internet connection. We’ll have to plug into your home’s router/modem prior to the party starting to get everything up and running. We have a 300 foot cord on board to tackle even the longest driveways.

Don’t delay, book your Fortnite event today!

PlayStation Virtual Reality


The PlayStation VR headset is a unique gaming experience designed to make you feel like you’re experiencing the action first-hand. If you’re interested in including PSVR at your next event, be sure to include it in the “Add On” section of the form. 

video game party with rolling game station


Rolling Game Station wants everyone to have fun, be safe and follow  a few simple rules for VR:

-VR can only be used by ages 12 and up (no exceptions)
-VR may cause Virtual Reality Sickness.
-Gamers MUST remain seated while using the VR headset. 
-There may not be enough time in a party to allow everyone a chance to use the VR.
-VR is only available during private parties and is not included for use at events/fundraisers. 

Rolling Game Station brings the Ultimate Video Game Party to your door! Secure your party date now before it’s gone.