Video Game Party with Virtual Reality


Rolling Game Station has added on some new systems recently and we want to brag about them a little as well as tell you some of our rules that go along with them.

Nintendo has recently released the Switch to replace the Wii U and it is a really fun system to play! They have only released a few games so far that are multi player so, please bear with us while we all await new releases for the system!  The Switch is a GREAT addition to your video game party!

video game party with Rolling Game Station

Play Station has released the PSVR headset for Virtual Reality Gaming and it is a fun addition to the video game party. Rolling Game Station purchased the VR headset when they first came out but we have been waiting to install it in the theater. We had a few concerns with the system and wanted to see how things progressed before opening this aspect of the gaming world to our guests inside the trailer. We wanted to make sure we had a few games everyone could play not just throw it in the trailer to get your business. We researched it and played with it in the house to make sure we had our concerns worked out.  Our PSVR system will be available to all private parties at no extra cost at this time.  Corporate events, school and/or church and fundraising events will have the option of adding this system on at a later date.  

video game party with rolling game station

One of our biggest concerns is called Virtual Reality Sickness which is a lot like motion sickness but without the body movement.  Wiki describes Virtual reality sickness as occurring when exposure to a virtual environment causes symptoms that are similar to motion sickness symptoms. The most common symptoms are general discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea, vomiting, pallor, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation, and apathy. Other symptoms include postural instability and retching. Virtual reality sickness is different from motion sickness in that it can be caused by the visually-induced perception of self-motion; real self-motion is not needed. It is also different from simulator sickness; non-virtual reality simulator sickness tends to be characterized by oculomotor disturbances, whereas virtual reality sickness tends to be characterized by disorientation.

Another concern we had was movement in the trailer and positioning the VR system so that all the wires will not cause a tripping hazard during the video game party. We decided that the VR system will only be used in the seated position and gamers will not be allowed to stand or remove the headset and/or handle it. The VR system will only be handled by our trained staff to help prevent breakage. We want everyone to have a video game party with Rolling Game Station and enjoy the equipment.

As you know Rolling Game Station wants everyone to have fun and wants your guests to follow a few simple rules:

-VR can only be used by ages 10 and up (no exceptions)
-VR may cause Virtual Reality Sickness.
-Gamers MUST remain seated while using the VR headset. 
-Headset may only be handled by an employee of Rolling Game Station.
-There may not be enough time in a party to allow everyone a chance to use the VR.
-VR is only available during private parties and is not included for use at events/fundraisers. 

Rolling Game Station brings the Ultimate Video Game Party to your door! Secure your party date now before it’s gone.

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